Frequently Asked Questions

Every situation is unique. These are general answers – they are not a replacement for a true, individualized consultation with an attorney. To have your specific questions answered, please schedule a consultation.

About the Process

The most common answer is, “It depends”.  Every situation is unique.  Let a licensed Texas attorney guide you. Lorna Griffin Law Offices is here to help! Call or email for a free case evaluation.

In your first contact with the firm, you will provide some preliminary information and the attorney will evaluate whether you may have any legal claims against your employer.  Further evaluation may be recommended. Currently offering consultations via phone conference, Zoom videoconference, or in-person by appointment.

No.  There is no charge for your Initial 30-Minute Consultation with the attorney.  The attorney will discuss your particular situation, offer options, give guidance, and answer questions you may have.  You may be asked to write up a timeline or provide additional information ahead of your consultation to best serve you. 

Scheduling your free consultation is easy.  Simply call us at (210) 944-3345 or email [email protected] and we’ll set aside time to talk.  We ask that you fill out some brief details ahead of your consultation, to make the best use of our time together. (click here)

We offer rates based on your particular situation.  We’ll let you know what is right for you.  A contingency fee is paid only if money is awarded.  A retainer fee is paid by the client to retain the attorney’s services.  A flat fee is just that, a specific amount for a specific service. 

The attorney’s document review fee is $250 per hour.  Document review services include contract/ agreement evaluation and strategy meeting, directly with the attorney.  Most agreements require only one hour of time, but we’ll let you know beforehand.  Please call or email us and we’re glad to help.